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1.Stray Dog Repellent
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Product Discription
1 pack 25gram
* "Stray Dog Repellent" has aunique odor that keeps stray dogs away.
* The main ingrediant is a natural plant extract that completely safe to use.
* It is rain resistant and maintains effectiveness for up to a month.
* The solid repellent can be divided and used in varied amounts according to need.

Terpenoid and special ceramic.

How to use?
Divide the repellent into the appropriate size for the place of use.
One block is effective for an area of approximately two meters in diameter.
Place in the dogs path or place of entrance.

* Do not use near food as it will reduce the effectiveness of this products.
* If the odor becomes objectionable, discontinue use or move to another place.
* Donotplace on cars, painted things or plastic.
* There is no damage from touch or inhaling, but DO NOT place within reach of children.
* Avoid direct contact with grass or plants as there is a possibility the plants will wilt.
* If the product is accidently ingested, immediately force vomiting and seek medical attention.
* if the product gets into eyes, Do not rub your eyes. Rather. immediately flush your eyes thoroughly with water.
* If you experience any problems, consult your physicion



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Regarding safety with insect repellent use on children and pregnant women:

  • Children may be at greater risk for adverse reactions to repellents, in part, because their exposure may be greater.
  • Keep repellents out of the reach of children.
  • Do not allow children to apply repellents to themselves.
  • Do not apply repellents to the hands of young children because this may result in accidental eye contact or ingestion.
  • Try to reduce the use of repellents by dressing children in long sleeves and long pants tucked into boots or socks whenever possible. Use netting over strollers, playpens, etc.
  • As with chemical exposures in general, pregnant women should take care to avoid exposures to repellents when practical, as the fetus may be vulnerable.

Regardless of which repellent product used, it is recommended that the label is read before use and directions carefully followed. Usage instructions for repellents vary from country to country. Some insect repellents are not recommended for use on younger children.

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